What is a Data Professional exactly?


People are often curious, what do we mean by data professional? What exactly does that person do for work? What characteristics do they have? How are they different from a data scientist or a data analyst?

We use the term “Data Professional” to describe anyone with data skills. At a minimum, they are capable of cleaning, selecting, analyzing and visualizing data. They can also be comfortable building machine learning models.

You may have noticed that we don’t really care for labels in our program. Hence “Data Professional” was the way to welcome everyone in our community. Job titles vary from company to company. Instead, we now had a term that could apply to the knowledge and skills someone had. 

Someone who is a marketing manager is as much of a “Data Professional” as someone in a data scientist role – if they both posses the data skills mentioned above.

I recently attended a Datacamp presentation on building Data Fluency in your organization. (Get the slides here ) and by 2026, the estimate is that 11.5M new data related jobs will be created in just the US, let alone worldwide. Why shouldn’t one of those be yours? 🙂 Interested in working with data yourself? Why not SignUP for our SkillsUP Lab program!

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