Welcome back, Data Professionals!

The Do Good Only Company

On Monday, we were glad to welcome back our cohort to the Lab! We came back to each other for our Power Skills day focused on Leadership and Developing Voice. Power Skills are like our own version of soft skills, including self leadership and conflict resolution, for instance. However, we don’t think they’re soft at all! Like everything else we do, our Power Skills focus on practical things that you can apply right away.

It was my privilege to watch our community change the way they walked into a room and addressed a group. Body language, voice, communication and connection with yourself and audience are such critical factors in how others percieve you. Everyone can practice these soft skills and they aren’t just necessary for tech types. 😉 We run our Power Skills with members of the Heilige Boontjes program to support the work they are doing.

For example, a member of the Heilige Boontjes walked into the room multiple times. Every single time he did, he got feedback on his appearance and presentation. After a couple of tries he managed to captivate the room with all he learned from our coaches.

Building on Monday, today’s Power Skills topic is Successful Interviewing and it promises to be just as fun! Our SkillsUP Community has done a great job together with Heilige Boontjes.

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