Using AI to face the coming pandemic challenges (Part 2)


Why should we focus in Data and AI?

Positive developments in the applications of artificial intelligence process that benefit sins citizens will ease the government a lot of burdens and waste of money. For example, the ING Bank provides a lot of facilities to its clients on their site, The customer became able to manage everything himself instead of waiting for his turn for about half an hour at a bank or waiting on the phone for ages.

Tesla Motors benefited from artificial intelligence and broke into the car market from the top, which is the point that once it entered, it gained fame while it was rewarded for its innovation. All through their journey in the automobile industry, artificial intelligence and big data have been a constant partner. Tesla has leveraged AI and big data to create a growing customer base for themselves. Since inception, the data from an existing customer base has helped with the Tesla data analytics. This data collection has helped Tesla to understand requirements and update their systems accordingly to eventually become one of the most successful automobile businesses in the industry today. Since Artificial Intelligence has been crucial to their success.

So look how Tesla was the first success in the field of electric cars when they used data and AI to drive.
AI should benefit society, not create threats and ethical problems, and we need to start looking at how to ensure that AI systems with increased capabilities are strong (in their behavior) and useful (for humans).

What's next?

We must invest in artificial intelligence and data systems in cooperation with experts in the field of data ethics. The course lesson we had when we started working at The Do Good Only Company was the ethics of technology innovation

And the last of the course was five courses on data ethics .. because we are aware of the importance of data risk and innovation risks

You will not realize the importance of investing in the field of artificial intelligence and data until you learn about artificial intelligence, the importance of evidence and the importance of ethical innovation.

In many ways, people are no longer separate from technology. It is, therefore, important to use   technological developments, consider the implications for the world of tomorrow, and ensure we take important ethical considerations into account.

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