Using AI to face the coming pandemic challenges (Part 1)


Potential Uses of AI

This article is about my views on the measures taken to limit the spread of Corona. We all followed the news about the beginning of the emergence of the Corona virus, how it spread to the rest of the countries, and how it was confronted in China and in European countries.

We also know that everyone took the same preventive measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus. And when the measures did not work, the government used to take more emphasis until we reached the first closure. Only then did we control the proliferation, but as soon as we reopened the conquest, we began to gradually lose control. Help us tighten the procedures until we reached the partial or smart second closure. During these difficult months for all of us to this day, the government has been taking the same measures, and making the same mistakes. After seeing the same procedures in all countries and the same mistakes, I thought of other solutions that were tried in certain areas. Why is there no innovation for solutions? From here I thought about one of the solutions that I found that someone also thought about and actually implemented it.

My Thoughts

So I had a long look when I objected to the idea of lock down and declared the previous days that there is no use and will not have an impact on the virus. Decisions of governments limited and local and decided to hesitate. especially that you are dealing with an epidemic that has not been treated and strikes hard since its beginning. The way it spreads is difficult to control because of human nature. The declared solutions taken by states are in my opinion ineffective in confronting the virus. They are not a suitable solution because of human nature and that cannot be used in the long term. One of the most important solutions that has not been given the utmost importance and they did not think about, is how to exploit AI. I think a good form of exploitation is to confronting the virus in the atmosphere with the help of artificial intelligence in how to discover the possibility of the presence of virus can kill outside the human body in several ways and inside the human body. Inside the human body fear is one of the complications that may be caused by the vaccine against the virus too. 

We will leave it to the specialists for now.

External Battle

In the fight against the virus we take the inside of the human body into consideration with vaccines. But, why is there no special team to fight the virus outside the human body? There have been a couple ideas, some of which have been tested and implemented.

The cost at first may be expensive, but reproducing it won’t be as expensive as the cost of closure and lack of staff as a result of
their absence. With the help of data people could fight better against Covid.

Some Suggestions

  • Good ventilation
    According to what we have known since the beginning of the epidemic, the virus was transmitted through breathing, sneezing and coughing.
  • Air sterilizers
    This can be done with materials capable of killing the virus outside the human. More about air sterilizers here (in Dutch).
  • Smart devices
    Suspended in the ceiling using artificial intelligence to notice everyone who coughs or sneezes to decide the sensor sounds immediately that he must act and sterilize the atmosphere above and around him
  • Robot analyzing
    Analyze a person’s temperature and the number of times they sneeze or cough, and by checking the air quality. I expect that these measures, with results within hours, could help public spaces stay open safely
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