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Our SkillsUP program focuses on teaching on a broad scale applicable skills in the fields of data science and analytics, AI and devops. We provide a full spectrum of learning from actionable assessments to hands-on workshops to bring important new skills to your teams.

All of our deliveries are designed and created with the needs of your organization in mind. Read more about them below.
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Hack Your Data.

Let’s Hack Your Data Together!

Do you want to know how to use the data you have to support your organization’s goals? Wondering where to start? Does it all seem like a mysterious black hole?

SkillsUP Lab Code With Python

SkillsUP Labs


Let's Learn Together

SkillsUP Lab teaches practical data science and analytics skills. These skills offer participants the knowledge to return to their organizations to be part of data driven growth or to join new companies.


InCompany Labs

InCompany Data Labs

InCompany Training

A tailored program for employers to teach data science or data analysis skills to your employees.