What is SkillsUP Lab?

The best learning is by doing. The SkillsUP Lab gives you the chance to learn hands on, experiment with and create cool uses for data, AI and web development. Set your inner mad scientist free to join a global community.

Starting the first of every first Monday of the month*, join our community and become a data or IT professional in 6 months!
Work with our coaches to create your ideal schedule, whether that be in person or online.

SkillsUP Lab is Open For All

We deliberately build our learning communities to include people who are working and those who are seeking new work. Because we are firm believers in life long learning, through reskilling and upskilling. We foster community by connecting our cohorts with each other and hosting ongoing events for you to continue to share your knowledge and build your network with more people!

Anyone can apply to our programs. The qualities that we are looking for are: curiosity, persistence, resilience and community orientation. If you possess these qualities, then the SkillsUP Lab could be an excellent experience for you!

Community Based Learning with 1 to 1 Attention

You’ll be joined by people from interesting backgrounds and experiences and you’ll join an inclusive tech community.

In your cohort, you will find people who are upskilling to grow with their current employer, reskilling to find new work, those who want to increase their own technical knowledge and entrepreneurs. During the program, everyone follows the same curriculum – including Power Skills and additional Special Topic classes.  And everyone is held to the same standards regarding attendance, participation, progress and honor code.

To your future!

You’ll earn certificates by completing individual industry certified courses from IBM, Microsoft and Google to name a few. Complete all the courses and Power Skills to receive our SkillsUP Lab program certificate with your professional certifications Python, data science, web development or data analysis.

Get hands-on experience during our daily sessions, where our experienced data and IT coaches will guide  you. You’ll also be working on projects to broaden and consolidate your knowledge, so you’ll be prepared to work on real IT projects right away. Besides these sessions, we offer personal job coaching from the start, on a biweekly basis. Here, you’ll learn how to create or improve your CV, update your LinkedIn and more!

*We do not start a new program during July and December due to holidays

What makes us unique?

9995 Scholarships available
  • In-person and digital classes in machine learning, programming, front end web development, Python and data analysis
  • Flexible online and offline learning
  • Create your ideal schedule together with our coaches
  • Real-life projects you work on with our community
  • 9 days of Power Skills from our experienced executive coaches
  • Job coaching and employment contract with a total grade of 90% or higher
  • Official SkillsUP Lab and industry certificates upon completion

Hold your horses, I have questions!

Have a look at our FAQ. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us or visit our Lab!

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