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Dive Into Your Data

Get data insights, build and increase your data literacy - from the very basics to advanced machine learning models.


Invest in your employees with our training program, where we cover both technical
and (inter)personal skills.

Data Professionals

Add a well-rounded data professional to your team from our pool of
certified data-enthusiasts.

Practical Inclusion

Create an inclusive work environment and a positive performing culture within
your company.

Dive Into Your Data

Do you have insight in your data or can’t you see the forest for the trees?

What data are you collecting? What decisions and strategies are being made based on your data? What else do you want to use your data for? From getting started with using data in your company to advanced machine learning models, we can help you!

Our goal is to help you build and increase the data literacy in your company, for today and tomorrow.


Do you want to be known as an employer where personal growth and lifelong learning is encouraged?

Investing in your employees and their knowledge brings many rewards. In today’s labor market, vacancies are high and difficult to fill. It can be more useful to increase the knowledge of your existing employees than to recruit new ones. 

We can help you become known for a culture of lifelong learning by creating training and development paths with you. From technical to presentation skill training, we can create a program for your employees.

Data Professionals

Do you want to add well rounded data professionals to your team? 

Looking for a combination of data skills and business experience? Through our SkillsUP Lab program, teaching practical data science and data analytics, we have access to data professionals who are looking for a new employer.

You can hire the Data Professionals directly through us. We also provide support and access to an inclusive data community of experts.

Practical Inclusion

Teams that work in an inclusive culture lead to more innovation and achieve better results. Getting there can be complex and frustrating. It’s also rewarding.

We can help you create a more inclusive culture, which in turn attracts more potential employees and inspires current employees. There is no one size fits all magic solution, but we can help you find one that fits your organization.

We’re experienced in creating positive performing cultures, and we’d like to help your team increase and apply their knowledge.

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