Power Skills

Power Skills might be the answer when your employees...

  • Hide behind their screens

    Power Skills will bring them up front and highlight their strengths and the importance of their input and full participation for the benefit of your company and your clients

  • Bore their audience

    Power Skills will turn your employees into eloquent and convincing story tellers to take them beyond the numbers and the facts

  • Are difficult to work with

    Power Skills will turn them into open and co-creative team players and collaborators

  • Forget the wider impact of their work

    Power Skills will embed an outward mindset with a view on their part of the solution and the bigger picture.

  • Resist change

    You need them to be agile and yet some of them might struggle with this - Power Skills will enhance their agility and flexibility further.

  • Get stuck in technical jargon and numbers

    Through accessing the arts (acting, comedy….), Power Skills will make them more comfortable asking questions, being comfortable with the unknown and the new, and the subjective things like the stuff between the lines

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Power Up your Workforce

Power Skills is our answer to the question how to maximize the impact our SkillsUP Lab attendees can make. Our method teaches participants to be more comfortable, confident and effective IT professionals.  They learn to be better listeners, communicators, and leaders. If you can connect, your message will be received, regardless of the technical depth of your audience. 

We developed the Power Skills program by identifying the most critical skills for IT professionals. We created a unique curriculum in cooperation with leadership coaches (our Power Skills coaches). For 2.5 years we have refined and expanded the program, making it available to nonprofits, SME, IT Companies, and people seeking work. The skills that are being taught and coached, work for everyone, regardless of the profession.  

We offer these trainings in-house to help organizations turn their techies into ‘’softies’’. To help you grow your IT professionals into the creative, constructive, and engaged collaborators they could be.  


Power Skills Fundamentals costs € 4549,– per participant. This includes all necessary course materials, and customization of content to meet company needs. The program includes 9 sessions with a different theme each. Investing in training for your employees is tax deductible in the Netherlands and exempt from BTW as we are CRKBO certified. 

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