Why "The Do Good Only Company"?

To understand why we are called The Do Good Only Company, you’ll need to know a bit about my primary source of inspiration.

My mother spent her whole life challenging the status quo. She was always looking for a new way to do something, from thinking up inventions to advocating for those who did not have a voice. During her lifetime, she set an example for her four children and numerous others about what it meant to be persistent, resilient, compassionate, funny, pragmatic and challenging all at once.

Near the end of her life, she woke up one morning from a dream about returning to the Netherlands, via ship into the Rotterdam harbor. This was a journey she had made as child after the war.

She was wide awake and told me that I need to listen to her. In her dream, she had discovered what the answer was to all the questions in the world! I was in a pre-coffee state and said “Sure, Mom, what’s the answer?”

She said, very clearly, “The answer to all questions is to Do Good Only. If you answer every question that way, all the problems in the world can be solved.“

I believe that. If you use that principle to examine every action, every idea and every decision that we are faced with, the possibilities for impact are endless. So, when it came time to name this cooperative of incredibly interesting, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, there was really only one choice. 

To choose a name that would always provide us with a starting point and remind us that talking is not enough, we must also DO.

Caroline Williams,
Head Rebel

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