Our Collaborations

  • "I joined a team of wonderful professional volunteers to make humanitarian help more efficient using data science. I consider this project to be one of the most beautiful things I have done to date."  Behrouz Eslami Mossallam, Senior Researcher/Data Modelling Expert

We’ve had the pleasure to work with the following organisations during our journey. Whether it be a short collaboration or a long-time partnership:

What Working With DGO Is Like

The Raven Collective

Early this summer I was fortunate to meet Caroline Williams and her team. Companies often have shiny profiles and mission statements, but I can state that what Caroline claims is true. The culture of trust and openness is a delight. The team maintains an open dialogue at all times and are always curious to tackle technical challenges. 

They are straightforward and absolute fun to work with. From day one they commit to the mission and stick to it. The Do Good Only Company has been a massive help to realise the relaunch of the raven collective, and I am grateful for that. I admire the mission Caroline has started, and what struck me the most is the profound inclusive work environment and the positive performing culture. What comes around goes around.


Thank you Caroline, and team!

Martiene Raven

De Heilige Boontjes

 ‘’I very much like DGO’s way of including the whole society, no one is excluded. So when Caroline proposed to involve Heilige Boontjes participants in Power Skills, we were very excited and grateful for that. They started the course and it is a huge success. Our people are really working on their personal development and growing. 

I hope we can continue and expand the cooperation in the future. Because inclusion can be difficult to explain, but is actually very easy to achieve, just by reaching out, being positive and giving opportunities. And that is what Do Good is!’’ 

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