Interview Season

The Do Good Only Company

It’s Friday evening and before I shut down the laptop tonight, I want to reflect on the week that it has been!

Tuesday we announced our plans to make the SkillsUP Lab digital edition available to US and international participants. Data skills and knowledge shouldn’t be limited by national borders. There’s been a great of buzz about these plans in our team and cohort this week, which makes sense. Any transition raises emotions and questions, as it should. It fits very nicely with our ideas around growth – in people, knowledge, inclusion, innovation.

Another Round of Interviews

For our current community, we had a great week of interviews. Two of our community (Azmi and Kristle) went on second round technical interviews. The outcome is still to be determined – we’ll hear next week. However, the hiring CTO told me afterwards that he was “really impressed by the professionalism of the solutions they presented”. That “their depth of technical knowledge was clearly apparent.” He said himself he has difficulty making the choice. Whatever the outcome, it’s clear feedback for Azmi and Kristle and our community. It’s clearly visible how much effort they put into studying here. 🙂

Our Cohort Has Been Busy

As if that wasn’t enough positive news in a week, Teklia and George had their project kickoff to work on a real cool city of science initiative. They will work with one of the local data science companies. Here, they’ll help the company with data wrangling and the application of the data to highlight a year long celebration of the city of science. Kickoff was yesterday and they started today!

Meanwhile, the rest of our community has been busy too. You may have read an earlier blog post about Behrouz. He starts with his dream job on Monday.

We love the work we do and seeing it all come together in this stage for our cohorts is the ultimate reward. We do this as a community, coaches and cohort. That’s the reason it’s successful!

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