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Are you curious about Data? Would you like to find a way to add Data knowledge to your current career? Or try something entirely new? Joining us on our next edition of SkillsUP Lab starting July 1st 2019 in Rotterdam!

The SkillsUP Lab teaches practical data science and analytics skills. These skills offer participants the knowledge to return to their organizations to be part of data driven growth or to join new companies. We offer a mix of theoretical, practical and hands on training during the intensive four month program.

There are two tracks available in the SkillsUp Lab program. They are the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science and the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Analysis. We run both tracks concurrently so you will be part of a learning community of people passionate about data analysis and those who also love data science and the joys of learning Python or R.

Community Building

Our Labs serve as community incubators. Participants form their own community in which they learn to use each others strengths and help each other accomplish more.
To serve that community we'll organise regular follow-up days and offer a communication platform where they are able to stay in touch.

Microsoft Professional Certification

Participants follow an intensive four month program with the help of coaches and mentors from the field through a series of technical data skills modules. Upon completion of the  modules and final capstone project, they receive either a Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science certification or a Microsoft Professional Program for Data Analysis, depending on their track choice.

Power Skills

Just as data skills give SkillsUP Lab participants more opportunities in the labor market, so do self-confidence and developing your leadership capacity. We believe these are essential Power Skills. In the SkillsUP Lab program we have specialists to teach consulting, presenting and other business necessary skills. There are a minimum of 8 Power Skills days planned.

What is the difference between the two tracks?

The key differences between the two tracks are the additional focus on programming in either Python or R and machine learning. These are both part of the Data Science track. 

See the comparison in the chart. 

Data Analysis 

  • Data Analysis: A Practical Approach for Absolute Beginners 
  • Essential Math for Data Analysis using Excel Online 
  • Data Visualization: A Practical Approach for Absolute Beginners 
  • Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel 
  • Querying Data with Transact-SQL 
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel  
  • or Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI 
  • Analytics Storytelling for Impact 
  • Applied Data Analysis: Working in Organizations and Industries 
  • Microsoft Professional Capstone : Data Analysis 
  • Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics

Data Science 

  • Introduction to Data Science 
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI or Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel 
  • Analytics Storytelling for Impact
  • Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics 
  • Querying Data with Transact-SQL
  • Introduction to R for Data Science or Introduction to Python for Data Science 
  • Essential Math for Machine Learning: R Edition or  
  • Essential Math for Machine Learning: Python Edition or  
  • Essential Statistics for Data Analysis using Excel  
  • Data Science Research Methods: R Edition or Data Science Research Methods: Python Edition 
  • Data Science Research Methods: R Edition or Data Science Research Methods: Python Edition 
  • Principles of Machine Learning: R Edition or Principles of Machine Learning: Python Edition 
  • Developing Big Data Solutions with Azure Machine Learning or  
  • Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R or 
  • Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight  
  • Microsoft Professional Capstone : Data Science

Information for Employers and Business Owners

The SkillsUP Labs are open to all. We deliberately build our learning communities to include employer sponsored people and those who are seeking new work. If you have employees who could benefit from this program and bring their knowledge back to you, please encourage them to apply. If you are employer that is looking for people with practical data science and analytics skills in addition to their other career experiences, you can meet our community members and hire directly from our program. Contact us to explore the possibilities!

In addition, we are looking at opportunities for 
Hands On Labs with prospective employers for SkillsUP Lab participants. From the end of their second month, we would like to include a weekly Hands On Lab day with companies as part of their program. We envision that participants will contribute to a business initiative or project that actively gives them the opportunity to develop their skills further and increase their hands on experience. For companies, the benefit is an eager, curious problem solver with data science and analytics skills that they want to apply to real world questions. 

SkillsUP Hands on Labs Models

SkillsUP Lab offers the following models to organizations. If these options do not 100% fit with your organization, let’s build a model together that works for everyone. These projects will begin at 2 months into the program, after the modules on working with data, visualizing data and ethics have been completed.  


For Data Science track followers, they will also have had Python or R. Their third month is focused on machine learning and model building. For Data Analysis track followers, they will be ready to work on their capstone. 

The Models:
Company directly provides internship to participant, assuming the necessary paperwork required by local authorities and makes all arrangements. The SkillsUP Lab will facilitate the connection. This type of internship is ideal for organizations who are evaluating if the participant would be a good fit for hire for them at the end of the program.
Company chooses 1 or 2 candidates for projects within their team and The Do Good Only Company makes all of the arrangements with the participants regarding their participation. This model is ideal for project based experiences, with a clear deliverable and end date.
Company provides a one-time learning experience, such as a hackathon where SkillsUP Lab participants can hack, build and network with the organization/community and employees.
Company can decide to offer traineeships in place of or at after the completion of a successful internship. These traineeships will provide the organization with a dedicated set of students and their knowledge with the goal of gaining experience and deciding if there is a mutual fit/interest for employment. In this case, The Do Good Only Company will make all of the arrangements on behalf of the trainee and provide support.
Company provides a data project to the SkillsUp Lab, for the larger group to work on. The Do Good Only Company will manage the project like a regular consulting project, with a small flat fee which goes into the SkillsUP Lab Scholarship Fund.

Program Costs

To start the program, each participant pays 1000 euro. This cost can be divided into four monthly payments of 250 euro if needed.
At the end of the program, you (or your employer) will need to pay the balance of the program cost, depending on your track. This can be done in up to four payments.
If you are looking for new work, your new employer has the option of paying your tuition balance. They will be able to use the same payment terms as an existing employer.

Data Science Track

  • - Complete Data Science Program
  • - Incl. Coaching
  • - Incl. Materials
  • - Incl. Certificates

Data Analysis

  • - Complete Data Analysis Program
  • - Incl. Coaching
  • - Incl. Materials
  • - Incl. Certificates


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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work experience do I need to have?
The SkillsUP Lab is open to people with varied work experience. Our goal is that the knowledge you learn is an extra layer that you can bring to your next career experience. The data skills that you are learning can be applied to any industry. Combined with your previous experience, you can make an excellent contribution to any organization.