How To Protect Your Data


How To Protect Yourself

Database Firewall
User rights management monitors data access and activities of privileged users to identify excessive, inappropriate, and unused privileges.

Data Masking and Encryption
Data loss prevention inspects data in motion, at rest on servers, in cloud storage, or on endpoint devices.

User Behavior Analytics
Establishes baselines of data access behavior, uses machine learning to detect and alert on abnormal and potentially risky activity.

Data Discovery And Classification
Reveals the location, volume, and context of data on premises and in the cloud.

Database Activity Monitoring
Monitors relational databases, data warehouses, big data and mainframes to generate real-time alerts on policy violations.

Alert Prioritization
Imperva uses AI and machine learning technology to look across the stream of security events and prioritize the ones that matter most.


My Own Experience

I was an ethical hacker once, and I am somewhat familiar with this field.

The reason for my intelligence was and the inability of anyone to get into my data is a very important rule related to a famous Libyan proverb: “The thief defeats the guard”

From this parable I had the idea that I should be in theory like a thief to know how he would think of my robbery and the guard to protect myself from the robbery.
If you know how your enemy thinks, it will be difficult for him to attack you.
Be careful of the information you share and try to check what you publish, as it may be a loophole to attack you.

Then what made Microsoft exposed to a massive solarwind attack if the attackers were not aware of many details about Microsoft, think of former employees. For example, when he left we took our precautions, I think as I said before we need to develop the infrastructure of the entire security systems (46% Data leaks Data leaks or other hazards due to carelessness or negligence or on the part of employees. Again, nearly half (46%) of the respondents reported greater fallout due to some type of employee misstep or misdeed.)

And one more thing :
Check the sender mail
1- Check the before and after the “@” and if it is related with company check always before you click on the link if this is not fraud sender and check the link where you should click by right click and the copy the link and put it in the browser without” Enter” or open it it is just to to know where is he going to send you. (%47 Spoofing emails Spoofing emails that make fraudulent use of a company’s brand in order to deceive the recipient. Close to half (47%) of SOES survey respondents are fending off an upswing in this type of scam.)
2- Be aware from false mail with exactly same form and content and just different link (here if they asking you to fill some information do cheek point no 1 in above ,also ask the original sender if they asked you to fill this information,if not then tell them about this email to send alert to all the client). Brand exposure Illicit use of a company’s brand in order to create counterfeit web sites. Among the respondents, 42% found that misuse of their brand was a growing danger.

What is The Cost of a Data Breach?

The immediate business costs of a breach include:

Data breaches have become commonplace for businesses of all sizes. Frequently we read news stories involving Fortune 500 companies, or even midsize organizations, experiencing data loss, file corruption, VPN exploitation, and ransomware – leading to significant financial damages. Alarmingly, experts predict costs related to cyberattacks will hit $6 trillion annually in 2021.

Small to midsize organizations often incorrectly presume they aren’t large enough to be targeted. According to Ponemon’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020, businesses experience losses at an average rate of $3.8M from cyber attacks. 

 Data breaches also have indirect, long term costs:
• Damage to brand and reputation
• Reduced trust by customers and partners
• Loss of customer relationships
• Loss of intellectual property
• Insurance premium increases

Why Do We Hear So Much About Data Leaks Recently?

According to the opinion, the most important reason is the development of the methods of Hakers and the lack of protection methods of the breakthrough with the same force and speed, we have become unequal force for the parties.

The other reason is the lack of good education for staff to protect data from infusion or how to handle the phishing mail. And the problem there no really care to different defence system.

For example, we have to think out of box 

How? :

1 – Contract with ethics that will manage this file
They will always look for you about gaps that may cause your data leak

2 – Studying methods of discrepancies and analysis (always say if you do not think how they think you will not defeat it)
For example what is his goal of leaking data? Who is causing? What is the damage to me from infusion and adherence to pulse? Was the person from within the company or an interesting company m or far or he is a security breakthrough? Why did not disclose the security breach and how to confront it?

3. Do not expect to be safe
No matter how much they understand this problem and whatever the power to protect your data. But on you after the first infusion standby for the second legization, standby means that you have a ready plan and will take less time to address this problem with the lowest damage

4. The money
 In the dark web there are a lot of data to sale, it is for nothing yes , but it is a way to push you to pay the next time.


What Can You Do About A Data Leak?

If there leaked passwords and mail addresses you can check your usernmae and password in this sites and sometime maybe it is not yet been added to databases such as or database. It is therefore not possible to say with certainty or calcisted your password and email address combination in the data where the original data set has been supplemented.


And that is no reason to do nothing: Given the enormous size of the data offered, it is wise to take it certain to the uncertainty. To be sure, we recommend adjusting your password as a precaution.

Naturally, this advice also applies to other websites for which you are using your password: Hackers try through a method known as Credential Stuffing rather if leaked passwords also work with other websites.

It is therefore advisable to use a completely unique password for every account, but that is simply not to remember for many people. A password manager that automatically generates strong passwords can therefore offer a solution: In this way you only have to remember the password manager password.

3x since the onset of the pandemic, employees are clicking on 3x as many malicious emails as they had before

46% of Data leaks Data leaks or other hazards due to carelessness or negligence or on the part of employees. Again, nearly half (46%) of the respondents reported greater fallout due to some type of employee misstep or misdeed.

13% of companies still do not have an email security system.

7/10 respondents believe that employee behaviors such as poor password hygiene are putting their companies at risk.

88% of Microsoft 365 users think their companies need additional email security.

79% of companies were hurt by their lack of cyber preparedness.

39% of companies are using AI and machine learning to bolster their email defenses.


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