Tech Services for Female Founders

As a female founder, a techie and a social entrepreneur, my daily work is built of the things I believe in. I’m also keenly aware that not everyone has access to this kind of knowledge.

- Caroline Williams, Founder of The Do Good Only Company

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Lack of access to knowledge is what keeps the status quo in place. If we want to make technology and society more inclusive, then that means we need to start with the basics. We need to add to the number of female founders and social impact founders that are able to take their ideas to the next level, to get visibility, to test their solution, to gain funding and to drive change.

At the same time, we have a community filled with talented people who are eager to put their new tech skills to work and to reshape their careers and their lives. The graduates of the SkillsUP Lab are offered paid traineeships once they complete their Lab training. This means that for six months to a year, they are working in the field with their new data and IT skills, building their portfolios and networks, taking their steps to secure a more equitable future for themselves and their families.

What if we brought these two worlds together? Our community builds MVP (minimum viable product) and early version tech solutions for female founders and social impact founders. We build apps, websites, data dashboards, machine learning models and more. By providing tech services to a severely underserved market, we directly add to the number of female and social impact founders and help them get to that next step since they now have a product that they can share. In turn, these projects pay the fair and living wage salaries of our trainees and enable us to continue to run our SkillsUP Lab program, reaching even more participants.

If you are not sure of what technology you need to bring your idea to life, we invite you to schedule a 30 minute tech review with us. We’ll listen to your idea, review your current choices and make suggestions so that you can go ahead and make your next round of decisions. Whether you are still in the idea phase or already have a beta product, we’ll meet you where you are at! You can schedule your free tech review here.

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