Designing Data Dashboards


Dashboards are one of the most important tools that help people to transform their data into a story.It is the method that shortens the distance between companies and their customers.From the significance of dashboards, we would like to present the inspiration behind designing them.

Finding the best design of Dashboards is not easy, because you need to introduce all the right information in the best way possible at the same time. And the best way starts with creating the visual connection (communication) between the agent and the customer and that illustrates here in choosing colors and simplicity.

Choosing the right colors once it is started with dashboards construction makes the process way easier. In the current example, the colors are inspired from the logo of the Do Good Only Company and that makes the dashboard looks familiar to them. Enabling customers to interact easily with the dashboard requires thoughtful composition and design. In these dashboards, the graphs with the same concept are organized on the same side and designed in the same way.

Some Useful Elements

When dealing with cities and geographical areas, it is preferable to use the map which helps the user to identify the places easily.

In this case, the map shows the number of the Data Science jobs in the Netherlands. Without reading any number the reader can perceive an idea about the volume of the jobs. Dark colors indicate the high numbers and vice versa.

The best way to show the proportions of categorical data is using Donut charts, especially when there are facts to prove. Using the Donut charts highlights that contrary to what is perceived, Dutch language is not necessarily required while working in Data Science.

The Word Cloud is used in the dashboard to show the most Technical and Soft Skills are required for jobs. The Word Cloud emphasizes the communication skills, analytical thinking, and Python are the most skills required.

Exploring The Dashboard

Control Panel is the core of the dashboard. Creating a simple and effective control panel depends on the significance of the information that is delivered to the customer.

In this case, the control panel is at the top of the dashboard, and it is distributed in the whole dashboard, so the customers can easily get the information they need without any spending more effort.

This control panel shows the main points in the dashboards, which are here the total jobs, total companies, dates, main cities. As the customer interacts with the dashboard the total jobs and total companies change based on the time, location. It’s easy to get information for specific cities and dates by dragging the line.

A clear title helps your viewers understand what your work is about quickly. Choosing the right title helps the users highlight what they want to read. And besides the title it is better to put the logo of the costumer’s company. In this current case the logo of The Do Good Only Company and the logo of Skills Up Lab and from these Logos, colors of the Dashboard were inspired and put to practice.

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