It is estimated that 80% of a data professional’s time is spent on cleaning data. If you have worked with a data team, you know that 80% is responsible for an equal amount of complaints from the team!

You need clean data. Dirty data returns dirty results, no matter what fancy tooling you use to work with it. The good news is – we love cleaning data. You can bring us your data that needs cleaning and refining. We’ll check with you on the context, ultimate use of the data and any special considerations you might have.

Then our SkillsUP Lab teams get to work cleaning that data and getting it ready to return to you in a usable state. If desired, we can transform it into useful visualizations that you can take action on. We can also create custom data projects. It all begins with clean data!

The Dat-O-Matic directly provides work and program costs for our SkillsUP Lab community. By choosing to drop your data off with us, you are helping create jobs and build an inclusive data professional community in the Netherlands and beyond. So, clean data and social impact in one place. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Dat-O-Matic Packages

Machine Washing

Estimated delivery: 1-2 weeks

Our team of data professionals will clean your data, so you don’t have to. From your data sources (up to 2GB), we will prepare a fully usable and readable dataset. 


Estimated delivery: 2-3 weeks

Our data professionals clean your data and create a standardized dashboard, presentation or sheet. We will create five different reports with the most asked for analytics.


Estimated delivery: 3-4 weeks

Our most specialized and customizable option. We offer data cleaning and custom reports based on your needs and demands. These reports will also match your company style and will be created on the platforms of your choice. 

How does it work?

Where to find us

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