Meet The Community


I share my enthusiasm for data with the current and future cohorts.


What makes a data scientist is somebody who is curious, is driven and loves to learn.


I learnt Data science is more important than I expected, and that programming languages are fun!


I’ve learned a lot about data and I’m excited for this new chapter in my life.


One of the fundamental principles of the course I was so enthusiastic about, is the fact that we control the machine, not the opposite.


Data science is the heart of every organization.

Thein Soe

I enjoy learning more and look forward to my career in Data Analytics and Data Science.


I always love to motivate others to see their own potential and help them to be their best!

Our Alumni

These are all the people who completed our SkillsUP and Power Skills programs. They either worked with us for a while or moved on to the next step in their data journey. All of our employees actually completed these programs too, because it’s important to practise what you preach!

Want to meet our community?

We’ve got a great one, so we totally get that. Feel free to visit our lab or contact us if you want to get to know all these brilliant people.