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One of the projects we are proud of is our work at the Future Skills Lab – . Over the past summer, Marian Dragt from DataChangers and I started talking about doing another academy for data science. We had previously worked together on the pilot Microsoft Azure Academy for Women with Techionista and the Johan Cruijff Arena. Given that we are both fast movers and thinkers, we wanted to create an even more inclusive program.

Eislend’s People vote for "ConnExit"

-   Eislend will become the world’s 1st disconnected country


Reported from our Data Science reporter Norbert Wilmering and his conversation with Mr. Want Myring on May 26, 2020, at the “Data Science for Good” Conference in Amsterdam.

​​Hello, World​

In my previous career, the Hello World demo was the one you tried out first when you were working in a new coding language or trying to create your first webpage or program.


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