Do Good Only

Balancing the Scale

Early November, we joined the Anti-Discrimination Hackathon. Sponsored by three ministries, the challenge was to: develop a solution or method that helps organizations prevent biases that lead to discrimination on the basis of gender in the collection and labeling of data used by automated system processes for the purposes of assessing and selecting candidates. For …

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Turning Two!

A week ago, we celebrated our second company birthday. Two-thirds of the way through the 3 year danger tunnel for startups. Sixty-six percent on the way to long term survival. One hundred percent on the way to making impact and change. I wrote this last week and thought I would share the story here as …

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Interview Season

It’s Friday evening and before I shut down the laptop tonight, I want to reflect on the week that it has been! Tuesday we announced our plans to make the SkillsUP Lab digital edition available to US and international participants. Data skills and knowledge shouldn’t be limited by national borders. There’s been a great of buzz about …

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