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If you want to learn more about data and AI, join our house of digital skills!

At SkillsUP Lab, you’ll learn all you need to take your first steps into the world of data and become a Data Professional. From employee skills to machine learning, experienced coaches are here to help.

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I need a technical solution

If you’re in need of a technical solution, but also want to make a social impact, you’re in the right place.

We make technical prototypes in the form of webapps and we process and analyse data so you don’t have to. Our services actively fund our cohorts of students, most of whom will have their first job experience in The Netherlands.

People Who Liked Working With Us

Heilige Boontjes

"I very much like DGO's way of including society. No one is excluded." by Samantha Nuning, reintegration coach at Heilige Boontjes

The Raven Collective

"I admire the mission Caroline has started, and what struck me the most is the profound inclusive work environment and the positive performing culture." by Martiene Raven, founder of The Raven Collective

510 - Red Cross

"I joined a team of wonderful professional volunteers to make humanitarian work more efficient using Data Science. I consider this project one of the most beautiful things I've done to date." by Behrouz Eslami Mossallam, Physicist, Data Scientist and Community Member

Project BLEEP

"Working with The Do Good Only Company is great! Brilliant and dedicated people! This company understands the challenges for the future but works with the reality of today. Always inspiring to be a part of." by Veronique Aicha, National Coordinator at Rescaled

Metta Space

"We're proud to work alongside The Do Good Only Company and share their values of impact driven business." by Eleanor Manley, co-founder and CTO of Metta Space

Some Food for Thought

We build inclusive ethical data and AI communities with the workforce of today for a more just and equitable tomorrow for all.
We are aligned to SDG goals 4 (Quality Education), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and 10 (Reduced Inequalities). Six cohorts to date. From an 88% un/underemployment rate at their start to a rate of 91% employed in their new field,  97% of our community completes the program successfully.



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Successfully Graduated



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Employed In Their New Field

Once the technical training completes, we offer a paid employment agreement to our most succesful graduates so people could have their first Dutch employer, a return to the working world or their first position in the IT sector.  Part of the job responsibilities include coaching the next cohort, learning both to transfer their knowledge to others, expanding our inclusive data community and reinforcing collective success as the pathway to real change.

Our MAEX Social Handprint

Did you know we have made quite some social impact? It would translate to about 1.9 million euro in the past 2 years. That’s pretty neat!


Our focus on inclusion, practical data science skills, job coaching and paid traineeships to move people towards financial independence make us unique in the Netherlands. As does the variety of our community. Everyone is welcome to apply. This means we are not creating more silos of only women, only Dutch people, only refugees etc. Instead we are one community, made strong by many.

Want to know more – MAEX measures our social impact independently each year. In 2020, our social impact was measured with a value of 740.000 euros. In 2021, we will nearly triple that.

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