11.5 Million Available Data Science/Analytics Jobs by 2026

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We provide each person in the SkillsUP Lab with a year long DataCamp subscription as an extra learning tool. This gives us the ability to practice scaffolded learning so that everyone learns the full data science or data analysis curriculum with the extra enrichment that they need or want.

Part of my regular work is helping organizations understand why having a data literate workforce is an asset and what those teams can look like. Think competencies and data skills instead of just job titles. An excellent data team is one that is inclusive and multidisciplinary.

Two weeks ago, Adel Neheme from DataCamp gave a presentation on building a data literate organization. I want to share one of his slides with you. Think about those numbers.

People have often asked why we have made the choice for teaching data science skills insteading of software development in the Lab. Those numbers are why. This is an area where skilled people are in short supply.

If we want a data and AI workforce that reflects our society, then we must make sure that we are making training programs available to all communities. That’s why we do what we do 🙂 Want to know more about what we do here at SkillsUP Lab, check out the courses we offer.

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