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Our Four Values 4



We respect our differences and appreciate them for the perspectives they bring to our team.



We have a culture of trust and openness. We are committed to always keeping the dialogue open with each other, our customers, our partners and our communities.



We believe in continuous learning, in all forms. We seek out new ways to solve problems and actively look for challenges that build our strengths.



in all things, at all times.

Our Main Services S

Why we are doing this work

% of IT Jobs held by women
Only 15% of ICT jobs in the Netherlands are held by women. source
% Participation and Inclusion
A dynamic and innovative labor market requires full participation, which means including everyone who wishes to participate. Accessibility for all means not excluding by physical ability, cultural background, identity, race, gender, age.
% of ICT job vacancies in the Netherlands unfilled
In 2017, 50% of ICT job vacancies in the Netherlands were difficult to fill or left unfilled. Source
of the most difficult vacancies to fill
In the list of difficult to fill positions: BI Specialist, data scientist, information analyst, business analyst – all positions where data science knowledge is critical.

Latest ProjectsP


Future Skills Lab
Data Science

We do this in partnership as part of Future Skills Lab where talented cohorts of 30 participants follow a 4 month program focused on technical skills (data science) and soft skills, ending in certification and job placement where desired.