Eislend’s People vote for "ConnExit"

-   Eislend will become the world’s 1st disconnected country


Reported from our Data Science reporter Norbert Wilmering and his conversation with Mr. Want Myring on May 26, 2020, at the “Data Science for Good” Conference in Amsterdam.

Mr. Want Myring is as Dataplomat involved with shaping the ‘World Destructive Tech Organization’ (WDTO). WDTO came to life January 2019 in Davos, Switzerland as a covenant by 83 States and US/EU Big Tech. A primary task for WDTO is to monitor the world wide web’s use and abuse to avoid a possible global collapse or destruction of the system.

ConnExit referendum:
As the people of Eislend voiced their concerns of the growing global tensions for a ‘Cable Warfare’ between USA China and Russia the Eislend authorities organized a referendum to have a democratic vote for their citizens to decide whether to stay connected to the world wide web or get a "ConnExit".

According to Mr. Want Myring, the recent escalation of the ‘Cable Warfare’ was the tipping point for many Eislend’s citizens to vote for ConnExit. “Although new and disruptive technologies have accelerated prosperity and living standards worldwide, the failure of China, Europe, Russia, and The United States to find common sense for a ‘Global Online Agreement’ fueled fear and distrust for online news, communication, services, and safety. DeepFakes, Dark Posts, Bots and last but not least, new data that recently revealed a total number of connected IoT sensors and devices will exceed 50 billion by 2022 makes people very anxious. On top of these concerns, also in more and more countries extreme nationalist and populists sentiments are pushed over online platforms. These abuses do not give people much hope and confidence we are still in control of the system. The billion dollar question is; can we guaranty a decent level of speech freedom, privacy, and protection on and offline?”.

With an overwhelming majority of 62%, the Eislenders voted for ConnExit. 19 % voted Stay Connected. Prior to the referendum Data Analysts predicted a voters turn up of 82%. Based on other decisive referenda international experts said that high percentage participation would be impossible. The EINOCO Data Scientists were almost spot on correct with their predictions. In the end turn up was 88%.



Eislend’s Prime Minister, Mrs. Does Notekisdottir, first reaction to the people's decision was straightforward and clear: ”Eislend will be disconnected by 2022. We have informed our citizens thoroughly of the impact of the ConnExit. Eislenders are well aware of the economic downfall that is to be expected. Data models showed an economic decline of 8% for the first 3 years. International companies have already planned to move their offices away from Eislend. Unemployment will rise with 18-22% at first. It will become a tough couple of years, but Eislenders are resilient and creative. Apparently the promised convenience of ‘always, everywhere and anything connected’ has, for the Eislenders’, turned into to the feeling of being ‘digitally colonialized’!”.

A spokesman of the newly founded EINOCO board confirmed the statistics PM Notekisdottir disclosed. However, the spokesmen wanted to add that the EINOCO data science team also predicted an economic recovery in five to seven years and even renewed growth in this decade. At first serious displacement and loss of jobs is to be expected. Especially finance, digital, online jobs and data center services will be hit hard. Many new jobs will be created in ‘Local to Local’ retail and manufacturing. Especially the construction, agriculture and bio-energy sectors will be in need for skilled and experienced leadership and apprentices. Rebuilding offices into homes and long stay apartments will create a solid fundament for a future sustainable and profitable Eislend hospitality sector.

ConnExit hardliners argue that the global internet is a ‘failed experiment’. The internet is broken and cannot be fixed!. They say that although the fundamental principles of a global, open and free communication system were brilliant, the internet has slowly but surely been hijacked by totalitarian regimes and corporations for monitoring, controlling and surveillance of peoples around the globe.

The EINOCO board will, in due time, communicate more detailed plans on how Eislend will handle civil services, law-order-tax systems, employment, logistics, tourism, and immigration. Hardliners for the ‘ConnExit’ are in favor of a total shut off. On the other hand, there are voices for a sort of ‘Hybrid’ version, where one University, one hospital and one library will remain connected.

Of course, we will keep following Eislend’s plans and progress and keep informing you.

To the surprise of many, as soon as news of ‘’ConnExit’ went viral, the Eislend Tourist Office instantly was receiving an overwhelming demand for information from all over the world for how to become an Eislend citizen, how to retire and for ‘disconnected’ holidays. Apparently, this bold and perhaps, on forehand insane, idea is more appealing as many thought it would be.


This article is a thoughtful future vision to inspire and provoke.

Norbert Wilmering is a Rebel @ The Do Good Only Company – www.dogoodonly.nl

The idea for this thought-concept comes from my curiosity for disruptive emerging technologies, how we adapt and how Data Science, with prescriptive forecasting, could picture a future for our lives and the planet.



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